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High-flying Airplane STEM box


Product Description

Young Engineers, get ready to learn everything about the basics of aerodynamics in this exciting Banyan Tree Kidz box. The magical book in this box is all about being brave and turning your dreams into reality! "Me and the sky: Captain Beverly Bass, pioneering Pilot" is written by children's book author Cynthia Williams and wonderfully illustrated by Joanie Stone. Read and Learn - When Beverley Bass was a young girl in the late 1950s, she told her parents she wanted to fly planes--and they told her that girls couldn't be pilots. Still, they encouraged her, and brought her to a nearby airport to watch the planes take off and land. After decades of refusing to take no for an answer, in 1986 Beverley became the first female pilot promoted to captain by American Airlines and led the first all-female crewed flight shortly thereafter. PAPER PLANE EXPERIMENT - A real airplane and a paper airplane both require important engineering skills to fly. In this activity, you will be learning what happens when there is too much weight at the front or back of an airplane and how to fix this problem. MAKE A MODEL AIRPLANE -young engineers will have the chance to get creative and put together your own model airplane. MY PASSPORT - Learn the importance of a passport. In this activity, you will learn all the information that is required in your passport before you take off! WHAT'S INSIDE - Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manual, 2 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes and much more. *** activities in this box focus on problem-solving skills, engineering, basics of aerodynamics, fine-motor skills, and creativity.

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