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Bird STEM box


Product Description

The Bird STEM box includes the magical book ‘Sounds Of Nature: World of Birds’ by Robert Frank Hunter! Plus 3 STEAM learning projects inspired by the book! This box is perfect for kids who have an interest in Birds. This captivating book introduces nature lovers to a diverse range of bird species in their natural environment through sound, text and colourful imagery. Young readers will be transported to 10 different exotic habitats of birds and will hear the sounds of 60 different birds in their biomes. Discover fascinating facts about our feathery friends who are sharing our ecosystem with us. The book comes to life with the sounds of real animals recorded in the wild. You will hear the drumming sound of a woodpecker and, the screeching call of peregrine falcons. Explore the bird life in the Amazonian rain forest, Himalayan Mountains, Sonoran desert and, with a click of a button on every page, hear the birds whooping and chirping as they live in their natural habitats! READ AND LEARN: Young Ornithologists learn about the various distinct species of birds and what they sound like in their natural habitat BUILD A NEST: Young engineers have some fun and construct a safe home for their feathery friends in this STEM activity kit. MAKE AN EXOTIC BIRD MASK: It is time to get crafty in this hands-on learning activity. Dive into the ‘bird mask’ STEAM learning kit and decorate a mask with exotic feathers. MAKE A CLAY BIRD: Get creative with play-doh and make a bird for your bird nest. WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manual, 3 STEAM learning kits, fascinating keepsakes and much more.

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