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Space Edition: StarStruck Box


Product Description

Take an adventurous journey into the cosmos with America’s first professional female astronomer ‘Maria Mitchell’. A great addition to your library, ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is written by Hailey Barrett and wonderfully illustrated by Diana Sudyka. Every night, Maria stood on her rooftop with a telescope and swept the sky. One day, she came across an unusual celestial object – a comet, a discovery that would change the field of astronomy forever! This artistically illustrated book follows the story of a young girl from humble beginnings and her fascination with the night sky. Her passion leads her to discover a comet and paving the way for future female astronomers. Using lyrical text along with simplistic and enchanting artwork, the book explores the life and discoveries of Maria. ‘ READ AND LEARN: ‘What Miss Mitchell Saw’ is the perfect book for budding astronomers and space lovers everywhere BUILD AND LAUNCH A COMET LAUNCHER: Learn and out Comets and build your own comet launcher using Newton’s laws of physics. CONSTRUCT A TELESCOPE: What is a telescope and how does it work? Construct your own exciting telescope and get ready to sweep the night sky MAGICAL WAND READING POINTER: Design a beautiful magical wand reading pointer that you can use to read your magical book of the month WHAT’S INSIDE: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly learning manual, instruction manuals, 3 STEAM learning kits, all materials included, fascinating keepsakes and hours of screen-free entertainment and learning.

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