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3 in 1 - 3 Bundle Pack Best Value


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Community Box READ AND LEARN: Young readers understand how to be a valuable member of a community in this wonderfully illustrated children’s book ‘The Forever Tree’ by Tereasa Surratt and Donna Lukas. THE COMMUNITY WEAVING PROJECT: Learn a new skill of weaving and find out fascinating facts about the origins of ‘community weaving’ projects and it’s importance in community building BUILD A BIRD HOUSE: Introduce engineering skills as little builders construct, paint and decorate an actual birdhouse! Nature Box READ AND LEARN: Discover several different trees from willow to oak and what makes them unique in the children’s book 'Trees' written by Verlie Hutchens SKILL OF SUNPRINTING: Learn the technique of sun printing and design a camping bag, and a sun-print wall hanging using materials collected from the wild! Space Edition - Cosmos Box READ AND LEARN: Kids take an adventurous ride into the cosmos with a beautiful hardcover book titled 'Star Stuff, Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos’ GALAXY IN A JAR: explore the Milky Way in our 'Galaxy in a jar' activity kit. GLOW IN THE DARK CONSTELLATIONS: our little space scientists have some glow-in-the dark fun by replicating famous constellations and make a wall hanging.

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