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The theme of this box is ‘Pets’. Learn all the wacky and funny things our pets do in '50 wacky things Pets Do' by Heidi Fiedler and wonderfully illustrated by Marta Sorte. Curious pet owners also get a glimpse into what causes certain behavior in pets and how to best care for them. Why is your bird grinding its beak? Or why is your dog chasing its tail? This box is action-packed with a children’s book, and 2 STEM activities. Kiddos make a 'fish tank bank' and find out what chameleons eat while having some fun while designing your own game. + HANDS – ON LEARNING: This box combines STEAM education and literacy and is perfect for art lovers. + READ AND LEARN: Young readers find out fascinating facts about their favorite pets + THE FISH TANK BANK: Build and design a wonderful aquarium that also serves as a mini bank + Food Chain Game: Have fun making crafty chameleons and all while playing a fun game + WHAT’S INCLUDED: Hardcover children’s book, kid-friendly teaching resources, easy to follow instruction manuals, 2 STEAM learning kits with all materials included, fun keepsakes and much more.

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