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Biology in a Box - Cell Exploration


Product Description

Young biologists, get ready to take a closer look at human cells and discover everything there is to know about them. This fun box includes a hard-cover children's book titled 'Cells: An Owner's Handbook' written by children's book author Caroyln Fisher. Join Ellie, the skin cell who lives on the backside of an adventurous dog, as she introduces young readers to the various cells which make up everything on the planet. The book is filled with fascinating facts about the human cells. Also includes 2 creative and innovative STEM craft kits where young biologists take a microscopic look at the structure of cells and the different organs which make up a human body. Kids learn a new skill of sowing while making a 'cell model' pillow and, become experts in vital organs in a human body. Enjoy hours of learning while having fun.

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