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Products / SALE: Geography Box

SALE: Geography Box


Product Description

Get ready to go on an adventure with Sam, the explorer cat in this engaging and vibrantly illustrated and deeply informative book titled ‘Mapping Sam’ written by renowned Children’s book author, Joyce Hesselberth. This magical book makes the perfect bedtime read for children who are inquisitive, adventurous, and have a keen interest in geography and cartography. This box includes 3 diy stem activities. Kids make their own globe lantern and learn about continents. They also decorate and make a ‘compass necklace’. They learn about the 4 directions and can explore their neighbourhood with this novelty compass. Lastly, children unscramble a treasure map and look for hidden treasure 🧐 This box makes the perfect gift for curious and imaginative kids. The box is designed to help kids develop fine-motor skills, enhance problem solving, and cognitive thinking.

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